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About Our Team

David Ernest

David`s photo
David Ernest
Bowen Therapist

David uses The Bowen Technique for a wide range of conditions, from typical Muscular Skeletal aches and pains to more long term complex conditions, including Fibromyalgia, Polymyalgia, Parkinson`s disease, Arthritis and Digestive conditions. David uses Bowen to address a range of conditions;

David chooses to work in the multi-disciplinary practice at Fusion Therapy as it enables clients to access (where appropriate) input from a range of Health professionals within a single practice.

David is continuing to develop his interest in advanced Myofascial Release Therapy to further extend the range of therapies available to his clients. Finally, it`s not all about humans, David is also training and researching the application of the Bowen Technique for dogs - after seeing the profound effects of using Bowen on his own Border Collie! But please, no dogs are treated at Therapy Fusion!

For further information contact David at, or call 07771552539 or

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