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About Our Team

David Ernest

David`s photo
David Ernest
Bowen Therapist

David uses The Bowen Technique for a wide range of conditions, from typical Muscular Skeletal aches and pains to more long term complex conditions, including Fibromyalgia, Polymyalgia, Parkinson`s disease, Arthritis and Digestive conditions. David uses Bowen to address a range of conditions;

David chooses to work in the multi-disciplinary practice at Fusion Therapy as it enables clients to access (where appropriate) input from a range of Health professionals within a single practice.

David is continuing to develop his interest in advanced Myofascial Release Therapy to further extend the range of therapies available to his clients. Finally, it`s not all about humans, David is also training and researching the application of the Bowen Technique for dogs - after seeing the profound effects of using Bowen on his own Border Collie! But please, no dogs are treated at Therapy Fusion!

For further information contact David at Worcestershirebowen@gmail.com, or call 07771552539 Worcestershirebowen.com or thebowentechnique.com

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