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Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca has over 10 years of Paediatric experience as an advanced occupational therapist, where she has been assessing and treating children with a wide range of clinical diagnoses and functional difficulties. She has worked across a range of acute and community settings and is a clinical lead across some NHS, charitable and research sectors.

Rebecca is a sensory integration practitioner and has a wealth of experience working with individuals, their families and carers, with sensory processing difficulties, as well as neurological, developmental coordination delay (DCD) and pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), previously categorised under the diagnosis of Autism. Such difficulties can prevent children from participating fully in daily occupations, education and with social and physical activities.

Rebecca has specialist clinical skills in assessing and treating high risk neonates and babies and children with acquired brain injuries and spinal injuries.

In addition, Rebecca has developed specialist skills in assessing rheumatic conditions within a multi-disciplinary team and has experience with burns and scar management. She also has experience of treating surgical and non-surgical traumatic paediatric hand injuries.

This broad range of clinical experience, and her belief in drawing upon evidence-based practice to guide intervention models, has allowed Rebecca to develop skills in providing a range of treatment modalities which include:

- Assessing for and providing equipment
- Rehabilitation and skill development interventions
- Assessment and fabrication of upper limb splints
- Intensive upper limb interventions such as bimanual and constraint induced therapy models
- Facilitating individuals to access education
- Pain and fatigue management,
- Skill development interventions and goal oriented interventions
- Condition specific education to families, care teams, patients, teachers and professionals.

Please don`t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.

Rebecca Johnson
Occupational therapist
T: 01789 262372 / 07761914181

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