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Subluxation Sling

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Subluxation Sling:

This revolutionary new bilateral shoulder sling is primarily used for subluxation of the shoulder, following paralysis of one or both sides of the body. It was pioneered by Robert Thornton (USA) who designed it for his girfriend, having suffered a stroke, ending up with a painful, subluxed shoulder. The result was phenomenal. I contacted Robert about sending a sling for one of my patients, who ended up with a paralysed left side after a brain tumour was removed. The results have been incredible.

Therapy Fusion is the only UK distributor of SubluxSling.

What is subluxation?

The ball of the shoulder joint (humerus) can start to drop out of the socket - called subluxation. The shoulder joint can also be pulled out of place, by tightness / high tone / spasticity in the muscles and connective tissues. Whichever is the cause, the condition can cause severe, unrelenting pain, not only in the shoulder and arm, but also up into the neck and head, and can eventually lead to long-term detrimental changes within the tissues. It is a fairly common problem but can be difficult to manage effectively. Having worked in rehabilitation for 20 years, this is one of the best, most effective slings that I have come across. Patients report that it is both comfortable and successful at reducing their pain, whilst giving the chance to regain some use in their arm and hand.

The subluxation sling became Therapy Fusion`s top pick for arm slings because:


The sling is great, the patient has less pain and is regaining more function in his shoulder. I am showing all the other therapists so hopefully you`ll get a few more orders coming your way! Thanks for all your hard work. It is great to have a sling that works. Tina - Tina Shimeld, 05/05/13

Immediately I noticed the pain abate, and while it didnít completely dissipate, the relief was welcome. After two days wearing the sling, I felt my shoulder pop and the relief then was almost entirely complete and immediate. I still have some slight residual tenderness, but none of the disabling pain I knew before. Iím even starting to see improvement in my arm function, which Iím once again exercising, which may just account for the continued tenderness! Also, for the first time in weeks, I am able to sleep through the night without being bolted awake in pain from moving the shoulder wrong - Mike Weland

There are various types of slings for hemiplegia and shoulder subluxation. As a therapist, I personally have not been impressed with most slings, but I was recently contacted by a gentleman who designed a sling for his girlfriend that had experienced a stroke. This gentlemen made 11 different slings before he came up with a design that helped alleviate the pain his girlfriend was having and that also impressed the therapists and doctors working with her. This gentlemen now makes and sells these slings. I tried one of the slings with a patient who had subluxation and pain, and it worked wonders for her. The sling is made so that you can wear it at night as well. My patient was very excited that it alleviated her nighttime pain. Of course this is only one patient, but the gentleman reports he is getting other positive feedback from other stroke patients and therapists throughout the country - Quote from Stroke-Rehab.com

To measure for the device please provide us with 2 pieces of information:

To measure correctly for the device, please provide us with this information and enter in the box below:

The circumference of the widest part of the upper arm (around the widest part of the biceps muscle.)

As the sling will be fitted on both arms, it is important we receive the measurement for the bigger arm, for the best possible fit. Please measure both arms circumferentially around the widest part of the biceps muscle. Most commonly the unaffected arm is bigger than the affected arm. On other occasions the affected arm may be swollen, so may actually be the one measuring the largest. Either way, we need the largest arm measurement. The sling is deliberately designed to fit around arms that may be different sizes, by a couple of inches, and can be adjusted using the velcro cuff. If the largest arm is between sizes i.e. 12.5" inches, please round up to 13" not down to 12". Thank you.

Bicep Circumference
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