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Neurological Rehabilitation

Many conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves can be devastating for the individual concerned, and can cause difficulties with everyday movements and tasks.

Reports of pain, loss of movement and feeling, communication difficulties, eating and drinking problems, visual problems, dizziness and balance difficulties, confusion, changes in personality and behaviour, amongst other problems, may occur. These can sometimes be difficult to deal with for both the individual concerned, and their families / carers. With more serious injuries and illnesses, recovery can take months and sometimes years, and can be hard to see the potential for further improvements.

If you would like a free-call to discuss how we can help, or just to book a one-off assessment, please email us at: info@therapyfusion.com or call 01789 262372. We will call you back if we miss you.

First stand and steps after 17 years
of being wheelchair bound
Saebostretch Splints
Functional Electrical Stimulation
(F.E.S.) - Assisting with walking
after stroke
Saeboflex in Action

Most of our team has 20+ years of experience each, and include:

Together, we endeavour to help you achieve your goals using a wide variety of hands on evidence-based interventions and equipment.

Neurological Rehabilitation offers assessment, advice and support and includes:

Commonly treated conditions:

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