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Connective Tissue and Fascia

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This popular series of practical workshops aims to promote a better understanding of how the connective tissue and fascial systems work together with the many other specialised tissues of the body. In the past, the part played by such a communicative, 3-dimensional system of connecting tissues has been poorly understood. This is a fairly new area of discovery and research looking into what connective tissues do both in good health and also following injury and pathology.

During this series of one-day updates permitted dissection videos and slides will be shown. Discussions will include some of the recent findings from the World Fascial Research Conferences, the British Fascia Symposia, and additional papers up to the present. The information presented should assist with clinical reasoning during all stages of rehabilitation.

Practical sessions will focus on specific fields within clinical practice, and will develop a range of manual treatment approaches and techniques. The research findings are relevant for all manual therapists and should support lively debate in relation to a “Hands on” or “Hands off” approach. Subsequent parts of the series can become more bespoke to each specific group of manual therapists, and will focus on delivery of techniques where the clinical reasoning is finely honed to the assessment findings and to enhance a deeper understanding of complex dysfunction, in terms of the relationships of the attachments of various tissues to each other.

During Part 2 we watch permitted video footage of real patients. We follow the journeys of at least 2 patients over time, and discuss how they initially presented, the clinical reasoning behind the approach chosen, the techniques used and the results seen. We also have time to discuss “what next”, how to document our findings, and ways of varying the positions / postures we can treat our clients in.

How to book:

Most courses are now privately organised by NHS departments or special interest groups such as ACPIN. If you are interested in running a course, please email me for further information: info@therapyfusion.com

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Part 1: Download CT & Fascia Course Pack file here [CLICK HERE]
Part 2: Download CT & Fascia course pack [CLICK HERE]